The many places of Thames


All sides of the river in different towns.

I have mentioned it in previous articles, but never spoke about it entirely and somehow I fell like I took it for granted, neglect it. I am lucky enough to have the rive on almost half an hour walk, and been lucky enough to see it in London, Windsor and obviously Reading.


By spotting the differences between these places is noticeable that it doesn’t get much attention in every single one of them. However, the history lover comes out of me and aims to salute this wonderful old river who’s been a staple of England, enduring awful climates and giving people infections and death. Savage!

On a more joyful note, it is more than lovely to have a picnic by the river side in one of the not so common sunny days. A walk near it can be more than relaxing, especially when exams are knocking, hitting, throwing books at my door.


Didn’t quite realized Β that I have seen so many “places” of Thames, but I am glad I did.


London on foot


As I have previously said, London is not the ‘a city in a day’ type of thing. However, walking in London is better, in my opinion, than taking the Tube.

Why you may ask?

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the little things in life. By taking the tube you will not only face a mass of people punching you involuntarily, stepping your new shoes that were supposed to look perfect in the picture and spend money on the ticket, but you’ll also miss the little shops, the small beauties of the streets.

I was captured by the touristic attraction, obviously, because they are the most advertised, yet I fell in love with the streets full of small family business and how much effort is put so they can show the British culture from the locals perspective.

Taking the famous big red bus? Maybe, but then again there are many things that will remain unseen. The full history of it, the roman trace left in hidden places and the legacy of great dynasties.

From my point of view is tremendously gorgeous to let yourself get lost a little bit in a new city. Get to find your way out by asking people, learning to read the map and just taking all in. And the stories that come after are hysterical.

A day is not enough for London


Yesterday morning I woke up very tired but also very enthusiastic. I took my backpack full of sandwiches, water and sweets and head to the bus. Obviously, I stayed upstairs.

It was time for me to go and see the city that my young self researched, dreamed of and put it first on the bucket list. I was heading to London.

This is has something hard for me to say and realize. Speaking of realizing. After three weeks in Britain I have finally realized that I achieved one of my biggest dreams. Studying and living in the UK. It hit me in such a wonderful way that the whole day I was murmuring a song, walk like a joyful five years old school girl and had a massive smile on my face. Nothing compares with the feeling of achieving what you’ve wished and worked for so much.

With all that, I have also understood that a day is not enough to see even a half of the famous British staple.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stopped me from doing the usual tourist stuff, like taking a picture into a phone booth (those things stink),

visit Ben,

London Eye

and the British museum.

The last one itself requires several days of attention so there’s that. Most definitely I have to go back.