A trip to Prague


A hidden gem.

Prague is one of those cities that one does not think of adding it on the top of the travel list. But it should be right there!

The former capital of Bohemia is by all means the perfect city. Not to mention that everything it was less cheaper that I expected. Which you know, is an important aspect when travelling.

I stayed at Tyl Hotel, which is quite close to the center and that I booked with only a month ahead. In many cases this will be a naughty thing to do, but not for Prague, apparently. Yet there are so many other reasons to just go for it.

First, the architecture lets you speechless.


And is like that everywhere in the city.


Second, there’s the old town, that is filled with people even on the week days. But even so I would still advice to avoid the weekends at all costs.


Is definitely the place to be and daydream while drinking a glass of wine at one of the many restaurants available in the area.


Third, while you’re in town, have a beer. Prague is famous for this alcoholic beverage and it doesn’t lack in the various types of beer. At the same time, it doesn’t lack in making you crave something sweet.


Don’t worry about the calories, if you’re really into that. They can be easily burn while admiring the baroque architecture of Charles Bridge, that connects the Old Town and the Castle.


Stop every now and again and enjoy the music, the painting of the street artists as well as the history of it.



Last but not least, in case of major emergency during the summer, you can take a boat trip on Vltava.


Love from Praha!



A walk through Rome



The Eternal City.

Needless to say that it is worth a visit, regardless if you are a tourist or a traveler as it will leave a deep mark.

I love history, especially the roman one, and for me it was probably a good imagination exercise to think about different centuries and that my favorite characters have walked the same path and all those scandalous events that happened in that exact same spot I was.

But even if you couldn’t care less about the history, Rome has a lot more to offer. Here are for instance a few places that are worth seeing.

Trevi Fountain

Throw a coin if you want to go back.




Centro Storico

The old town.




The world’s most known arena.



If you want a true Italian vibe, this is the place to be.


Castel Sant Angelo


Vittorio Emmanuel II

Right in the center, can’t miss it.


Vatican Museum

If you love Dan Brown’s books, or even if not really, it is overwhelming.


Windsor on a sunny day


In Windsor you look posh, you feel posh.

Been thinking lately that there are almost two months remained from my experience abroad. Looking back I wonder where it has gone?! Yesterday it was September and I was wondering London’s streets…

And so, I was thinking that my lack of participation on this blog, that is supposed to be more than a travel journal, a sort of back up memory of my experience, should be compensated by a steady up to date description of how my last two months and a half materialize. But I got lost in the thought that it will be full of me studying and crying…

Nonetheless, I do have some activities that are worth writing about for my older self.

(and after a long introduction) Windsor! On a Monday morning, called a friend, went straight to the train station and bought tickets to see this small, yet full of history town.

What I loved the most about Windsor was the way in which the modern building could still not be spotted or differentiated by the old ones. It has kept the old buildings where people celebrated queens after king’s birthdays, coronations or decapitations. To be honest, humans are barbarians.


And even if the fairly new establishments appeared, they are designed in such a manner that one could tell it is the queen’s town. Long field till the castle, people with long boots Burberry scarves and huge Italian greyhounds walking tight and stiff so you could realize that they are above a peasant and that they have probably had tea with one of the royalties.

People know Windsor is a touristic magnet, so don’t be surprised be the assault of shops with post cards, tees, stuffed animals and cardboard cut outs with the queen’s face. The riverside train station is right near the castles so there is no chance for a anyone to miss it. For 18 pounds you could visit it and come once again another time, who knows, maybe you’ll need it.

Also, if you have a neat physical condition you could walk through the Great Park… a life time, I am obviously not in a good shape… and see the statue of King George III as well as adorable deer whom you’ll be kindly asked at the park’s entrance to not get too close.


Another beautiful view is given by the wonderful Thames filled with boats and swans, and while you’re there, cross the river and visit Elton college, especially if you are a fan of Prince Harry. It could be the closest path you both have ever walked in this life time.


Speaking of paths, no worries if you are more of a queen’s admire, they took care of marking her way.




Here is a very descriptive photo. Enjoy! 🙂