A trip to Prague


A hidden gem.

Prague is one of those cities that one does not think of adding it on the top of the travel list. But it should be right there!

The former capital of Bohemia is by all means the perfect city. Not to mention that everything it was less cheaper that I expected. Which you know, is an important aspect when travelling.

I stayed at Tyl Hotel, which is quite close to the center and that I booked with only a month ahead. In many cases this will be a naughty thing to do, but not for Prague, apparently. Yet there are so many other reasons to just go for it.

First, the architecture lets you speechless.


And is like that everywhere in the city.


Second, there’s the old town, that is filled with people even on the week days. But even so I would still advice to avoid the weekends at all costs.


Is definitely the place to be and daydream while drinking a glass of wine at one of the many restaurants available in the area.


Third, while you’re in town, have a beer. Prague is famous for this alcoholic beverage and it doesn’t lack in the various types of beer. At the same time, it doesn’t lack in making you crave something sweet.


Don’t worry about the calories, if you’re really into that. They can be easily burn while admiring the baroque architecture of Charles Bridge, that connects the Old Town and the Castle.


Stop every now and again and enjoy the music, the painting of the street artists as well as the history of it.



Last but not least, in case of major emergency during the summer, you can take a boat trip on Vltava.


Love from Praha!