A day at the beach- Brighton


I have always had a thing for beaches.

As a person who was born in the summer, who is in her element during the summer, it  is almost impossible to not love the sea side. I am for sure one of those people who distresses while listening to the sound of waves. Mainly because in my mind associates it with peace, love, friends and ice cream. And who doesn’t loves ice cream? Now, I don’t claim to not love the mountains equally, as a matter of fact I have made plans regarding them, but my old friend the sea and I share a lot of memories.

That is why when I got to Brighton, not too long ago, I got out of the car  and just sat there for a while, just starring. It was not much to see, to be quite honest, that because it was 10 in the morning and England was foggy. Nonetheless, that did not stopped me. I took my backpack, my friends and all my emotions and landed on the rocks. It marked my first time on a beach that was not a classic one. Meaning, I was not on my usually sand beach and so, I could wear my shoes without a problem.

For a moment everything and everyone went off. My friend’s voice was replace by the sound of weaves and all my thought were drown (get it?!) in old memories at the sea side, the laugh of a little version of what I am today and lots and lots of smiles.


I had to come back and embrace the now sunny and warm Brighton. Laid down on the rocks simply because I wanted to have that feeling with me, then went to the Pier. If you’re in Brighton, you have obviously spent time to the Pier. Is one amazing place with fun and entertaining games, food and as not most places are, it has thing for all ages. The Pier itself looks like is comes from a pin up era.


On another note,  the Pavilion is the place to be during lunch time. Especially if the sun shows up, a blanket and a book will make your day. And of course, I will not deny that the lanes and the shopping centre will attract each one of us, and … spend a little.

But at the end of the day, in my case the next morning, we realize that it was perfect, and that we most certainly needed vitamin sea.



A day in Oxford


I love one day trips. Obviously, if you live in that country or if the circumstances allow you to have one day trips.

My most recent one was in Oxford. And it took me about five minutes to realize that is by far my favorite town in England. And quoting my friend:”everyone looks smarter here”.

Everywhere I go, on every street I can feel the history, the influence and the importance. I dare you to find a building that dates in out modern era. Which is a bit confusing in the beginning because every building seems to look alike. Give it a couple of minutes.

As I have already mentioned, I sang in one of the most majestic and impressive churches, University church of Saint Mary the Virgin. And got lost on its wonderful streets.

Now, I admit that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer exotic locations or more modern one. I on the other hand, am an old soul, literally. I love the old era in which history was made and this type of streets were a normal and regular expressions of the society’s believes.

However, the modern part of my soul, specifically the modern child in me, was thrilled to see the spot where Harry Potter was filmed. But Christ Church has more to offer than Harry Potter and Alice in wonderland. It is a place where I could feel the envy that got to me and disliked for a moment the fact that I wasn’t born a few centuries ago wearing a heavy long dress and corsets and I wasn’t wandering in this place the whole day.


Loved everything in Oxford, the Uni, the streets, the architecture, the company and the museum. I will most definitely go back and let my 16th century soul have a blast.

5 things to see in Reading, England


I will not take full credit for this post, because I have been quite obsessed with this blog called 5 Things To Do Today. So I got inspired, thanks, guys! And because I can’t afford to go to London almost every weekend I’ve thought that is about time to learn more about the town I currently live in. Reading is one of the historical towns in England and is about 45 minutes away from London, but very close to Windsor.

There are many things to be seen in this wonderful town, also is centered near great locations. Today I’ve got about five of them because I saw them in only a day. So without further ado, here are five things to see in Reading, Berkshire.
1. The Oracle.


It’s one of the first places I have been to in my first day here and I just keep on going there in my free time. So if you fancy a drink or want to shop, there you go.

2. Museum of Reading.

Who would have thought that a small town hides such a big history. And also biscuits importance. You’ll find out why there are so many brick buildings. More about it another time.

3. Forbury Gardens.


A quiet place in the centre of everything.

4. Whiteknights campus.



Now, I might be subjective with this one. But apart from the university of Reading itself, this campus is one peaceful and green place. It’s just to lovely to walk pass the lake, that it can’t be ignored.

5. Reading train station.

If you come by train do not, I repeat, do not miss the opportunity to watch the wonderful view from the building. It just a moment to catch from above whole the fuzz and atmosphere.

London on foot


As I have previously said, London is not the ‘a city in a day’ type of thing. However, walking in London is better, in my opinion, than taking the Tube.

Why you may ask?

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the little things in life. By taking the tube you will not only face a mass of people punching you involuntarily, stepping your new shoes that were supposed to look perfect in the picture and spend money on the ticket, but you’ll also miss the little shops, the small beauties of the streets.

I was captured by the touristic attraction, obviously, because they are the most advertised, yet I fell in love with the streets full of small family business and how much effort is put so they can show the British culture from the locals perspective.

Taking the famous big red bus? Maybe, but then again there are many things that will remain unseen. The full history of it, the roman trace left in hidden places and the legacy of great dynasties.

From my point of view is tremendously gorgeous to let yourself get lost a little bit in a new city. Get to find your way out by asking people, learning to read the map and just taking all in. And the stories that come after are hysterical.

A day is not enough for London


Yesterday morning I woke up very tired but also very enthusiastic. I took my backpack full of sandwiches, water and sweets and head to the bus. Obviously, I stayed upstairs.

It was time for me to go and see the city that my young self researched, dreamed of and put it first on the bucket list. I was heading to London.

This is has something hard for me to say and realize. Speaking of realizing. After three weeks in Britain I have finally realized that I achieved one of my biggest dreams. Studying and living in the UK. It hit me in such a wonderful way that the whole day I was murmuring a song, walk like a joyful five years old school girl and had a massive smile on my face. Nothing compares with the feeling of achieving what you’ve wished and worked for so much.

With all that, I have also understood that a day is not enough to see even a half of the famous British staple.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stopped me from doing the usual tourist stuff, like taking a picture into a phone booth (those things stink),

visit Ben,

London Eye

and the British museum.

The last one itself requires several days of attention so there’s that. Most definitely I have to go back.

Chocolate evening


I know for sure that my friends are going to throw some little curses at me after this post. I’m joking, they already did.

Nonetheless, I will dedicate it to my number one source of joy. Also, as I write this I do tons of other stuff as well, because the sugar rush is keeping my on a Speedy Gonzales level.

This evening was dedicated completely to chocolate. How? Easy. People from around the world got together and did a quiz about chocolate. No one knows who the winner was because by the time it was announced balls of melted sweet heaven came into the room and you could almost hear angels singing on the background.

You couldn’t, that would be weird. What I’m trying to emphasize is the idea of making people come together by giving them what is universal loved in regards to sweets. And once again making them feel like there are no big difference after all, that we’re all human beings who love the same things.

I would also like to apologize to any person that sees this post in a time when they decided to start a diet. But there’s no limits except the ones we make, just saying…

You think you know English?


As a person who studies English ever since I can remember, I thought I can actually put words into sentences and make something coherent. This sort of confidence was brought to me by teachers and all sorts of lost foreigners searching for museums.

My thoughts and my confidence were to be shaken when I landed in the UK.

At first the ACCENT hits me. Nothing bad, all lovely. Who doesn’t like a British accent? Quoting one of my teachers: “What accent?” (think about that one). But then ACCENTS happened. And I didn’t knew whether that is English, what I say is English or every thing I have learned was a lie. It gets better after a while, until of course another one comes along.

The worst part, however, is the slang. A tricky game. In the first part of the conversation laugh if they do. In the second one try harder to understand the context. Maybe even put some sign language reading skills at work.

And if by this time you’re still lost, back up into a corner, search for WiFi and Google it! Because the whole conversation might sound pleasant but they have such lovely words for such dirty talks.

By no means do I say that my English is perfect. Far away from that. Nonetheless, is a clear fact that the Brits have it their own way.

Start thoughts

As previously mentioned in my Genesis, obviously not the main one that would make no sense, this blog is meant to be a memoir (I’ve always wanted to use this word) or maybe it will give some people a perspective on what studying abroad means.

Nevertheless, tip number one: the things that you were worried about will turn out just fine, but take a look at the ones you don’t give to much attention because for some reason “they’re no stress”.

Tip number two: ask people! Some of them are students just like you and others are just happy to help and maybe find a bit about your culture, as well. And that’s no harm, you’re there to socialize and learn.

Tip number three: look around. No, pay really close attention to what’s around you! You’re in a new country with different views than yours, its culture is reflected in the architecture, people’s behaviour, even if that is driving on the wrong side of the road.

And I don’t write this just so. I have really been worried about my flight but it turned out just fine and my adrenaline loves it. I have been given a lot of thought of how I will do all this by my own, yet the “little things” surprised me.

In some cases I didn’t even had to ask people they will offer to help me and I have definitely refused to let the pavement take my gaze and instead I gave it all to this new British town.

With all being nice and dandy, the fear of a new beginning still remains. Therefore, I will enjoy my nutritive dinner of yogurt and cereals served with biscuits.