Town of bridges


I thought I could wipe the dust over this blog with a fairly old trip.


Now, this town is a small one, especially for a girl that comes from a city. However, I am proud to celebrate six months of living in Reading. And it is a town, slightly bigger than Cambridge, but still a big deal for me.

If you want to enjoy a trip down the river, just make sure is not a proper British weather as this may ruin your day. If you’re lucky enough, come during the summer. If not, make sure you check the forecast. From different sources.


Even so, you can have fun and take great pictures by walking to town and discover amazing architecture, take picture of as many bridges as you can and buy some sweets from the local shop.

Cambridge, just as Oxford, knows that is loved by tourists, so prepare yourself to kindly and politely deny the “amazing” offers you come across and not sped that much money on souvenirs.

It is a small town, but it is worth visiting. Just buy a coffee (the local Costa has an amazing one) and prepare to walk trough all the colleges, the university yards, the bridges and tiny old streets.


For me it looked like I was  having a role in “The Tudors” (hopefully none of the king’s wises)  and I was just drinking my afternoon tea in the royal garden. Or that I belonged to a Victorian era and I was about to have a meeting with a mysterious stranger on a grey alley.


Feel free to make your own movie.



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