A day in Oxford


I love one day trips. Obviously, if you live in that country or if the circumstances allow you to have one day trips.

My most recent one was in Oxford. And it took me about five minutes to realize that is by far my favorite town in England. And quoting my friend:”everyone looks smarter here”.

Everywhere I go, on every street I can feel the history, the influence and the importance. I dare you to find a building that dates in out modern era. Which is a bit confusing in the beginning because every building seems to look alike. Give it a couple of minutes.

As I have already mentioned, I sang in one of the most majestic and impressive churches, University church of Saint Mary the Virgin. And got lost on its wonderful streets.

Now, I admit that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer exotic locations or more modern one. I on the other hand, am an old soul, literally. I love the old era in which history was made and this type of streets were a normal and regular expressions of the society’s believes.

However, the modern part of my soul, specifically the modern child in me, was thrilled to see the spot where Harry Potter was filmed. But Christ Church has more to offer than Harry Potter and Alice in wonderland. It is a place where I could feel the envy that got to me and disliked for a moment the fact that I wasn’t born a few centuries ago wearing a heavy long dress and corsets and I wasn’t wandering in this place the whole day.


Loved everything in Oxford, the Uni, the streets, the architecture, the company and the museum. I will most definitely go back and let my 16th century soul have a blast.


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