5 things to see in Reading, England


I will not take full credit for this post, because I have been quite obsessed with this blog called 5 Things To Do Today. So I got inspired, thanks, guys! And because I can’t afford to go to London almost every weekend I’ve thought that is about time to learn more about the town I currently live in. Reading is one of the historical towns in England and is about 45 minutes away from London, but very close to Windsor.

There are many things to be seen in this wonderful town, also is centered near great locations. Today I’ve got about five of them because I saw them in only a day. So without further ado, here are five things to see in Reading, Berkshire.
1. The Oracle.


It’s one of the first places I have been to in my first day here and I just keep on going there in my free time. So if you fancy a drink or want to shop, there you go.

2. Museum of Reading.

Who would have thought that a small town hides such a big history. And also biscuits importance. You’ll find out why there are so many brick buildings. More about it another time.

3. Forbury Gardens.


A quiet place in the centre of everything.

4. Whiteknights campus.



Now, I might be subjective with this one. But apart from the university of Reading itself, this campus is one peaceful and green place. It’s just to lovely to walk pass the lake, that it can’t be ignored.

5. Reading train station.

If you come by train do not, I repeat, do not miss the opportunity to watch the wonderful view from the building. It just a moment to catch from above whole the fuzz and atmosphere.


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