A day is not enough for London


Yesterday morning I woke up very tired but also very enthusiastic. I took my backpack full of sandwiches, water and sweets and head to the bus. Obviously, I stayed upstairs.

It was time for me to go and see the city that my young self researched, dreamed of and put it first on the bucket list. I was heading to London.

This is has something hard for me to say and realize. Speaking of realizing. After three weeks in Britain I have finally realized that I achieved one of my biggest dreams. Studying and living in the UK. It hit me in such a wonderful way that the whole day I was murmuring a song, walk like a joyful five years old school girl and had a massive smile on my face. Nothing compares with the feeling of achieving what you’ve wished and worked for so much.

With all that, I have also understood that a day is not enough to see even a half of the famous British staple.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stopped me from doing the usual tourist stuff, like taking a picture into a phone booth (those things stink),

visit Ben,

London Eye

and the British museum.

The last one itself requires several days of attention so there’s that. Most definitely I have to go back.


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