Chocolate evening


I know for sure that my friends are going to throw some little curses at me after this post. I’m joking, they already did.

Nonetheless, I will dedicate it to my number one source of joy. Also, as I write this I do tons of other stuff as well, because the sugar rush is keeping my on a Speedy Gonzales level.

This evening was dedicated completely to chocolate. How? Easy. People from around the world got together and did a quiz about chocolate. No one knows who the winner was because by the time it was announced balls of melted sweet heaven came into the room and you could almost hear angels singing on the background.

You couldn’t, that would be weird. What I’m trying to emphasize is the idea of making people come together by giving them what is universal loved in regards to sweets. And once again making them feel like there are no big difference after all, that we’re all human beings who love the same things.

I would also like to apologize to any person that sees this post in a time when they decided to start a diet. But there’s no limits except the ones we make, just saying…


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