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As previously mentioned in my Genesis, obviously not the main one that would make no sense, this blog is meant to be a memoir (I’ve always wanted to use this word) or maybe it will give some people a perspective on what studying abroad means.

Nevertheless, tip number one: the things that you were worried about will turn out just fine, but take a look at the ones you don’t give to much attention because for some reason “they’re no stress”.

Tip number two: ask people! Some of them are students just like you and others are just happy to help and maybe find a bit about your culture, as well. And that’s no harm, you’re there to socialize and learn.

Tip number three: look around. No, pay really close attention to what’s around you! You’re in a new country with different views than yours, its culture is reflected in the architecture, people’s behaviour, even if that is driving on the wrong side of the road.

And I don’t write this just so. I have really been worried about my flight but it turned out just fine and my adrenaline loves it. I have been given a lot of thought of how I will do all this by my own, yet the “little things” surprised me.

In some cases I didn’t even had to ask people they will offer to help me and I have definitely refused to let the pavement take my gaze and instead I gave it all to this new British town.

With all being nice and dandy, the fear of a new beginning still remains. Therefore, I will enjoy my nutritive dinner of yogurt and cereals served with biscuits.


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