You think you know English?


As a person who studies English ever since I can remember, I thought I can actually put words into sentences and make something coherent. This sort of confidence was brought to me by teachers and all sorts of lost foreigners searching for museums.

My thoughts and my confidence were to be shaken when I landed in the UK.

At first the ACCENT hits me. Nothing bad, all lovely. Who doesn’t like a British accent? Quoting one of my teachers: “What accent?” (think about that one). But then ACCENTS happened. And I didn’t knew whether that is English, what I say is English or every thing I have learned was a lie. It gets better after a while, until of course another one comes along.

The worst part, however, is the slang. A tricky game. In the first part of the conversation laugh if they do. In the second one try harder to understand the context. Maybe even put some sign language reading skills at work.

And if by this time you’re still lost, back up into a corner, search for WiFi and Google it! Because the whole conversation might sound pleasant but they have such lovely words for such dirty talks.

By no means do I say that my English is perfect. Far away from that. Nonetheless, is a clear fact that the Brits have it their own way.


Start thoughts

As previously mentioned in my Genesis, obviously not the main one that would make no sense, this blog is meant to be a memoir (I’ve always wanted to use this word) or maybe it will give some people a perspective on what studying abroad means.

Nevertheless, tip number one: the things that you were worried about will turn out just fine, but take a look at the ones you don’t give to much attention because for some reason “they’re no stress”.

Tip number two: ask people! Some of them are students just like you and others are just happy to help and maybe find a bit about your culture, as well. And that’s no harm, you’re there to socialize and learn.

Tip number three: look around. No, pay really close attention to what’s around you! You’re in a new country with different views than yours, its culture is reflected in the architecture, people’s behaviour, even if that is driving on the wrong side of the road.

And I don’t write this just so. I have really been worried about my flight but it turned out just fine and my adrenaline loves it. I have been given a lot of thought of how I will do all this by my own, yet the “little things” surprised me.

In some cases I didn’t even had to ask people they will offer to help me and I have definitely refused to let the pavement take my gaze and instead I gave it all to this new British town.

With all being nice and dandy, the fear of a new beginning still remains. Therefore, I will enjoy my nutritive dinner of yogurt and cereals served with biscuits.